Happy Days

th7nvncfz0  Download Instrumental   At one time I worked with a cruise ship singer who insisted on doing 70’s sitcom themes. I hated it, but she was calling the shots and I was along for the ride.  Night after night I “moved it on up” with The Jeffersons  and boarded the Love Boat with promises of love “exciting and new”.  However, she did do a killer version of Edith Bunker (as did Karen in later years).  I had to be Archie, but that was easy.

And then there was this theme from the sitcom “Happy Days”.  Richie Cunningham was no friend of mine – his sister was just sappy – Ralph had a big mouth – Potsie was (well, anybody named Potsie) – and Fonzie was like a guy I knew in high school… who beat me up… twice.  I was no fan of the show but I liked the start-up music.  So I didn’t mind (so much) playing this one for Miss Cruise Ship.  If you are determined to perform television theme songs, you would do well to start with this one.

It’s a new day and an exciting time in our country!  Be happy, you old dog!  What the hell do you have to lose?



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