Everybody Relax! It’s All Right Now.

th1mmlxjhc  Download   There’s a certain caliber of nightclub where, about one in the morning, a fight will break out.  It’s inevitable.  You’re in the middle of “Wind Beneath My Wings” (boy, I sure hope not), when a woman suddenly screams (I think it’s the same woman in every bar) and a scuffle ensues at the end of the bar.  It goes on for 10 minutes while the bouncers do their thing and the club cuts the power to the stage.  I’ve never understood why they do that – must be a Southern thing.

The offending parties have been escorted out, power’s back on, weapons put away, and everybody looks at you with a “now what” expression on their face.  Well, you better kick it up, and fast.  Get your dancers back on the floor with a driving beat and a song with a message.  “It’s All Right Now” is perfect for this situation and will calm the savage beasts – I promise.  You want to make them happy in spite of themselves.  At least until that woman screams again.



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