thDYZSXIH8  Download    For all you keyboard arrangers out there, this is the time of the year to dig deep into your instrument and find the sound effects page.  It’s Halloween, after all, and you’ve no doubt got some scary sounds in there.  Be creative and use ’em in your Halloween party repertoire.

We’re not doing a job on Halloween this year – we’re doing one on Friday, the night before.  But it’s still a “spooky” gig and we’ll be doing a lot of Halloween-type music.  “Ghostbusters” is our opener and you might consider using it that way too.  Great beat, pounding bass, and well-placed scary sound effects kinda sets the mood.  I can’t duplicate the back-up vocals (obviously) or the “speaking parts” in the song so this sequence is missing gems like “Who ya gonna call, Ghostbusters” and “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts” – but you can fill in the blanks.

Through the month of October, I’ll be featuring songs with a Halloween theme.  Your crowd wants to hear spooky music that night so… BOO!


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