This Kiss

cute-babies-kiss-pictures-images-wallpapers-photos-02  Download with Lead    I don’t like this song.  But I’ve received several requests for a backup sequence from my “country” friends out there, so here it is.  It was painful listening to it over and over until I got the guitars just right, but it’s finished – as good as I can do it.  It’s hard making a keyboard sound like a guitar without it sounding like a keyboard trying to sound like a guitar.  Confused?  Me too.

I have absolutely no problem with Faith Hill.  She’s a pretty lady with a great voice and a true talent…. and I understand she has a little money.  It’s just this song – ugh.  Maybe I heard it too much.  Other people love it, so I’m just weird, I guess.  Anyway, download off the country list if you just insist on performing it (it’s almost 20 years old, you know).  I used a flute on the lead line – an obnoxious way of protesting a less than stellar tune.


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