th  Download MP3    Who knew there was a Saint Cecilia?  And who knew she was the patron saint of music?  “Cecilia” is the third cut on the iconic Bridge Over Troubled Waters album by Simon and Garfunkel. It was their fifth and final album together.  Garfunkel pursued a short-lived acting career while Paul Simon went on to write and produce some of the most interesting music ever… and this song is a good example of Simon’s “quirkiness”.

Paul wrote this song with Saint Cecilia in mind… at least that’s what he claims.  How the somewhat raunchy lyrics match up with the activities of a saint we’ll never know.  But it’s still a fun song to do on a job.  The beat is unusual – almost a fast reggae but not quite.  It results from a late-night party when the duo and a couple friends started beating on a piano bench.  They recorded the beat with an old Sony tape recorder with reverb turned to max.  In the studio, Paul played it back and thought the recorded rhythm had an infectious quality to it.  He wrote a guitar line and then the lyrics.  I couldn’t duplicate the beat exactly like the original, but this sequence is close.  Your audience will get the idea… the midi sequence is on the Pop/Rock list.



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