Things you Learn at Cracker Barrel

cracker-barrel-albuquerque-inside  Download    I had breakfast with my Dad this morning.  Through mouthfuls of biscuits & gravy from the “Old Timer’s” breakfast, he said, “Ya know what song I like?  Bet you never heard of it”.  Always up for a challenge, I replied, “Try me”. (clever, huh?)  He came up with something called “For All We Know”.  I thought it was the one The Carpenters did, but he insisted they must have stole it.  After he hummed a few bars (sort of) I realized that it did ring a faint bell.  I wanted to point out just how old that song must be, but he was buying – so I dropped the subject.

Well, it stuck in my head and I thought it might make a good old song for a nostalgic set on stage.  I did a little research online but found practically nothing on that particular piece.  I might point out there was plenty of information on The Carpenters song.  Then I found some sheet music and a recording of somebody named Barbara Law singing “For all we know, we may never meet again”.  That was it!  I jumped on my handy sequence maker (Yamaha keyboard) and cranked out a version I believe a singer could use. Thanks, Dad.



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