Stormy Monday

  Download Instrumental    The first time I met Greg Allman, I didn’t like him. The second time, I liked him even less.  We were young and stupid and judgmental, true, but I knew arrogance when I saw it.  And he kept tossing his hair like a girl – very distracting.  But when he sat behind that Hammond B3 and began to sing in that bluesy, gravely voice, it didn’t matter what I thought personally.  He was a genius and a trailblazer in Southern rock music.  We’re all going to miss him.  He died of liver cancer two days ago… a sad day indeed.

“Stormy Monday” was written by blues guitar great T-Bone Walker, but it was the Allman Brothers version that brought it to the attention of white, rock’n’roll audiences.  Greg and his brother Duane started playing this tune in an early group they formed called “The Allman Joys” (cute).  They later included it in all their performances and recorded it live in 1971.  Their arrangement was long and considerably different than T-Bone’s,  but the blues rifts by guitarist Dickey Betts were just incredible.  Greg Allman was one of those rare singers that didn’t mind showing off the musicianship of the band.

I wrote this arrangement primarily for blues guitarists that were working solo – and there’s a lot of them out there.  Even though they don’t use the guitar track, I just had to include a guitar solo in this version (not the easiest thing to do on a keyboard).  It suffers greatly, but you get the idea.  And I can’t begin to replicate Greg Allman’s double-timed organ solo toward the end, but (again) you get the idea.  The man was a master with a Hammond B3 and I was always kinda jealous of that.  Could be that’s why I didn’t like him.  But respect him?  Oh, yeah…


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