Enough Talk Already!

  Download Instrumental   Elvis wasn’t known for complicated or raucous arrangements.  This one, however, is quite the exception to the rule.  I’ve used 5 different guitar tracks, drums, bass, two brass tracks, a lead vocal track (sax),  backup vocals, and one dedicated just for sound effects.  Whew!  “A Little Less Conversation” was a challenge.  For you singers out there without a band,  these backups should get the point across (Elvis was feelin’ a little frisky that day).

Mac Davis wrote this one in 1968 with Aretha Franklin in mind, and I can certainly envision the “Queen of Soul” belting this out like a banshee.  But Davis was asked to contribute a song for the Elvis movie Live a Little, Love a Little,  so “Little Less Conversation” went to the King rather than the Queen.  Elvis apparently decided to just have some fun with it – hence the crazy but likable arrangement.

One of my favorite old television shows is Las Vegas (2003 – 2008, maybe not so old), starring James Caan as the operations manager of a Vegas casino.  This was the theme song for the show and the first time I ever heard it.  Another cute fact –  Mitt Romney used it as his campaign song in 2008.  It was supposed to emphasize his promise to bring change to a broken Washington.  Right… we won’t even go there.



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