I’m Sorry

  Download Instrumental   I constantly complain about how many of the contestants on “The Voice” are like… 12 years old.  I like to see someone up there with some experience in life and love.  However, Brenda Lee was 15 when she recorded this blockbuster hit in 1960. Maybe I better rethink my position on those young, aspiring vocalists.

“I’m sorry” wasn’t released as a country tune, but is touted as being the motivation for the new “Nashville Sound”.  This new genre of music was intended to compete with the rapid rise of rock’n’roll in the music industry at the time.  It incorporated smooth tempos, lush strings, and sophisticated background vocals into something not quite country but with that country “feel”… whatever that means.  Anyway, it worked for awhile, but faded away completely with that British invasion known as “The Beatles”.

Brenda Lee grew up in an extremely poor family.  At the age of two, her parents would take her down to the local candy store, prop her up on the counter, and have her sing and dance for candy and tips.  So at that tender age, she was already helping support her family and carving out a career for herself.

If “The Voice” trots out a two- year- old next week, I am definitely turning it off for good!  One can only take so much…


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