thigvls72t  Download Instrumental   If there was ever a “laid back” song, this is it.  Think of walking hand-in-hand with your lover in a park on a lazy Saturday morning – birds singing in the trees and kids laughing and sending toy sailboats skittering across a pond.  Or picture you and that same lover (or a different one – maybe you’re the kind that gets around) strolling barefoot along a sandy beach – margaritas in paper cups and waves gently pushing you away from the water’s edge.  The background music for all that?  “Groovin'” by The Young Rascals.

The “Rascals” released it in May of 1967, even though the record company was reluctant to do so.  They didn’t like the fact that there were no drums – only a couple of congas and sticks (however, I added a bass drum for a little more bottom).  To me, that’s part of the charm of this happy little tune.  Well, it soared to # 1 on the charts almost instantly, stayed there for four weeks, then plunged almost as quickly.  It’s still considered one of the best five hundred songs ever produced.  I think it’s one of the top ten.

Whenever “Groovin” came on the radio, I turned it way up just to hear the soulful harmonica behind the vocals and the beauty of the backup vocal mix.  Backup singers don’t get the credit they deserve.  Most times I’d rather listen to the second-line vocals than the lead.  My Yamaha keyboard has great vocal sounds and I get a huge kick out of creating the vocal mix.  If you’re a solo performer, you’ll have a nice full sound with this sequence.

Oh… and if you listen real close to the beginning and end, you can hear the birds that sang in the original record.  Yep, this keyboard has birds!  Yamaha makes me so happy… and so does this song.



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