Walkin’ on Sunshine

th7n334b0q  Download Instrumental   Happy – Happy – Happy!  That’s what this rocker’s all about.  It was a hit for “Katrina and the Waves” in the United States in 1985.  Unfortunately, it was their only hit here in the states.  However, in Europe, they’ve been mildly popular for the past 40 years.  Who knew?

“Walkin’ on Sunshine”  was written by Kimberely Rew, an English rock singer/songwriter and guitarist.  What few good moments “Katrina and the Waves” have had are do to his talents.  The Katrina of “Katrina and the Waves” strikes me as a rather silly girl (she’s American) skipping through life without a care in the world (maybe she knows something we don’t).   English musicians tend to take themselves a bit too seriously, so maybe Katrina’s antics are a nice counterpoint to that.

The group was just beginning to have an impact in this country in 2005, having received great reviews on a new album and respectable crowds on tour.  But then, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast and Katrina and her Waves were suddenly persona non grata.  What crappy luck!

We’re lucky to have this jewel of a song though.  This one is such great fun to perform if you’ve got the pipes.  Download the backing tracks from the Pop/Rock list and work it up for your next gig.  Your dance crowd will kick up a storm to get out on the floor…  uh, no pun intended.


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