White Christmas

thic486nmi  Download Instrumental   This is a simple, straightforward arrangement of the number one best-selling Christmas song of all time.  You don’t need anything fancy behind you with a piece of work like this.  Your vocals will sell the song – the music just carries you along.

Bing Crosby recorded “White Christmas” in 1942, just a few months before the movie (Holiday Inn) was released.  It was a huge hit, soaring to number one on the Billboard charts and staying there for 11 weeks.  This classic even won an Academy Award for best song in ’42.  Every year after that, just before Christmas, it was released again and climbed to the top of the charts each time.  Crosby finally had to re-record it as the master copy wore out from all the pressings.  His second recording is the one most heard today.

Why Crosby chose to whistle during the second chorus is truly beyond me.  Insane!  But, as a nod to that insanity, I used a whistle for the solo in this arrangement. Ol’ Bing might appreciate that, even if I don’t.  But, really… what do I know?

My friends and family are enjoying quite the “White Christmas” right now up north.  How I miss the snow and cold weather.  Wait!  No, I don’t.  I’ll take 65 degrees on the beach over snow and ice any time.  Sorry, folks.


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