thtz4re8ae  Download Instrumental   A songwriter by the name of Bob Crewe was sitting on a train one night in 1957, staring out the window as it slowed for a small town station.  He glanced over at a house nearby and happened to see a couple embracing through the windowshades (can you say “Peeping Tom”?).  Ever the opportunist, he immediately thought that there might be a song there and set about putting lyrics to paper.  By the time he got to his destination, he had a hit song on his hands.

Our “peeper” just happened to own a small Philadelphia record label (XYZ Records) and was looking for a third single for a group called The Rays.  “Silhouettes” reached #3 on the charts and was, unfortunately, the group’s only Top 40 hit.  It might not have gone even that far if it hadn’t been for a sleepy disc jockey.  Hy Lit was his name, and he fell asleep while playing a stack of newly-released singles.  This song happened to be the last to spin and kept playing over and over again, which caught the attention of his listeners.  Sounds like a made-up story to me, but who knows?  It was also recorded by The Diamonds and Herman’s Hermits,  but they couldn’t really improve on The Rays original recording.

The vocal backups were a bit of a challenge for this tune, but the Yamaha was up to it.  This is a terrific pick for a “classics” set.

[Pop/Rock List]


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