Only You

th7nw910e3  Download MP3   At one time I played in a backup band for a group that did an entire set dedicated to “The Platters”.  There were so many “Platters” hits that it was difficult to choose which songs to put in a set…. so we did ’em all (it was a long set).  Among them were such classics as “Twilight Time”, “The Great Pretender”, “Smoke gets in Your Eyes”, “My Prayer”, and this one – “Only You”.

“Only You” was written by a chap named Buck Ram, who also went by the names Ande Rand, Lynn Paul, and Jean Miles…. got to be a story there but that’s for another day.  He’s best known for writing, producing and arranging nearly all The Platters hits….no matter what his name was.  This piece was a struggle for the group as they weren’t satisfied with the arrangement but didn’t quite know what it needed.  Driving around in a car one day, they were rehearsing the song (Doo-Wop groups could do that) when the car hit a bump, causing their lead singer to warble “O-oHHHHH-nly you”.  They all laughed, but then thought they just might have hit on something.  Sounds like a made-up story, but apparently it’s true.  Thank goodness for pot holes!

In this sequence, I used a saxophone as the lead vocal with two tracks of backup chorus voices to round it out.  If you’re performing alone, you can mute the sax and leave the backup tracks to give your vocals a fuller sound.  And who knew there was a female singer in “The Platters” (Zola Taylor)?  I didn’t… but then I’ve lead a very sheltered life.

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