It’s Rod Stewart’s Fault!

6325056    Disco died in 1978 – and the man to blame for its demise is Rod Stewart – and this song. “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” brought an end to the disco era simply because Mr. Stewart was never supposed to dip his toe in the tainted pool of disco music.  Rod had earned a reputation as a hard-rocking party animal and this was what his fans expected – not a Saturday Night Fever rerun with him gyrating around in spandex pants – very disturbing.  This song was simply the last straw and we weren’t going to take it anymore!

But, I’ll have to admit, in the seventies I enjoyed that pounding beat with the bass and drums simultaneously driving you to the dance floor.  There was just something about the whole scene that was intoxicating (quite literally) and I spent many a night under the disco ball – and many nights playing that crap so other people could dance.  It was fun and reasonably innocent and I’d take those days back in a hot minute.  So, naturally, we have some disco in our repertoire… and you should too.

There was no saxophone in the original, but this arrangement has a nice tenor in the back half just to make it more interesting…. and longer, so your people can dance an extra two minutes or so.  And if they’re wearing spandex – even better.


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