Hey, Paula… We Need You Now!

thPQNIDHM5    Before there were songs about cop-killing and beating up women – before there were movies that glamorized violence and dissent and Hollywood began hating their own country – before there was so-called climate change and social media and political correctness and safe zones and the general wussifying of our latest generation – before all that… there were songs like this.  I’m thankful for at least the memories of what life and music and love used to be in America.  Just sayin’…

“Hey, Paula” was recorded by the singing duo Paul and Paula (not their real names, by the way) and soared to number one on the charts in February of 1963.  Ray Hildebrand (Paul) took his inspiration for this tune from Annette Funicello’s hit “Tall Paul”.  He and Jill Jackson (Paula) performed it on a local Texas radio station and were soon persuaded to record the song at a nearby Fort Worth studio.  Back then, a simple arrangement and innocent lyrics could get you a number one hit.  Today…. not so much.

This one is ideally suited for a male/female duo (obviously) and would add a great deal of “sweetness” into any set.  You can download the midi or MP3 tracks from the Pop/Rock list.  If some in your audience don’t like it or make fun, instruct them to move to Canada – it’s cold enough up there to match their hearts.



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