thGM5PH3WJ    Unfortunately, this tune is only popular with folks “of a certain age”.  Okay, “Moonglow” was first recorded in 1933, but it’s still a thing of timeless beauty.  If you’re under 30, you’ve most likely never heard of it – and that’s just sad.  Young performing musicians today should give this one a chance.  There are a hundred different ways to do this song, but don’t you dare put it to a “rap” beat.  I’ll hunt you down… and it won’t be pretty.

“Moonglow” is usually done as a slow foxtrot with a straightforward 32 bar arrangement in the form of AABA – that is,  verse-verse-bridge-verse.  We save this one for when we want to keep our dancers on the floor for a long time.  The singer takes the first 32 bars, then it’s 32 bars of a solo instrument, then another 32 bars for the vocalist.  That’s the entire song done three times, so there’s plenty of time for dancers to cuddle… and they will.  It’s just that kind of song…. and we all like to cuddle, don’t we?

I’m using piano as the lead line (imagine that) and also piano for the solo.  If you’re a single performer, punch out the piano (track 4) while you sing the first 32, then punch it in for the piano solo.  Of course, take the piano lead out for your final 32 (like I have to tell you).  Duos might do it a bit differently, but this arrangement is easy to play around with (never end a sentence with a preposition – just sayin’).  If you’re a larger group, you probably don’t need my backups at all.  Whatever… just do this song!  I don’t ever want it to go away.


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