A Boy from Peoria

thI9SPTW7U  Download Here    Dan Folgelberg had a string of hit songs  in the 1970’s and early 80’s – most notably this song,”Longer”, in 1980.  If you’re in a wedding band (I’m sorry), you know how often “Longer” is requested for the wedding dance.  Intensely romantic and sweet, every bride wants this one.  Guys, if these lyrics don’t make you turn and kiss your wife/lover/girlfriend – nothing will.

Dan was born on August 13, 1951 in Peoria, Illinois.  His mother was a classically trained pianist and his father was the band director at Pekin High School, a nearby city which I am slightly familiar with – as I was born there (in the hospital, of course – not the high school).  He taught himself to play guitar and piano through a Mel Bay music study book, and began writing songs at 14.  He studied performing arts and painting at the University of Illinois.  As a tribute to Dan and his parents, the city of Peoria renamed Abington Street in the city’s East Bluff neighborhood to “Folgelberg Parkway”.  Sadly, Dan Folgelberg died of prostrate cancer in 2007 at 56.  I was a huge fan and wish he’d had more time to give us another wedding song or two.

If you’re a singer and would like a backup sequence, it’s on the Pop/Rock list.  The original arrangement featured a clever trumpet interlude which I always thought was just a bit too harsh for the sweetness of this tune.  I changed it to an oboe (more subdued)) – I don’t think Dan would mind.

See him perform “Longer” on the link below:




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