Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

thTVBV9JPI  Right-Click to Download    Brenda Lee recorded this is 1958 when she was just 13 years old. Nobody liked it, so they released it again in ’59 – still no takers.  Finally, in 1960, she came out with the song “I’m Sorry”.  Instant hit, and suddenly “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” also caught everybody’s fancy and now it’s a Christmas standard.  Lee had a few hits in the early 60’s, but when her voice started to mature her career pretty much tanked.  Fickle public…

Singers, if you’re not performing this song during the holidays, you’re missing out.  It’s fun, clever, and very recognizable.  We now use this arrangement, which is a little quicker than the original.  I always thought Brenda’s was too slow anyway.  I used a square wave generator on the lead because it’s the only thing I’ve got that sounds like a 13-year-old kid.  Take out the lead on track 16 and make it your own.

Merry Christmas everybody, and stay away from the egg nog this year!


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