There’s No Place Like Home…

thJ53JHUYE  Right-Click to Save    … for the holidays.  “Home for the Holidays” was recorded first by Perry Como in ’54 and then rerecorded by everyone else on the planet.  Great song, and this is a simple arrangement that any singer can pick up on in two minutes.

But this isn’t so much about the song as it is style of play.  I grew up listening to Floyd Cramer and find it hard to keep myself from playing like him.  Floyd was a relatively unknown session musician who played behind some of the greats in the ’50s.  It’s Floyd’s piano in “Heartbreak Hotel” and we all know who did that one.  It was also him playing the signature piano riff in Patsy Cline’s “Crazy”.  The boy cut his chops with some of the best, and was instrumental (no pun intended) in  the development of the “Nashville Sound” of the fifties.

Floyd was a self-taught pianist and invented the “slip-note” style that was his claim to fame.  He would periodically play an out-of-key note and then slip to the correct one – unusual, but addicting to anyone who plays.  To this day I have to concentrate to not do it – I mean, much as I love his sound, EVERYTHING can’t sound like Floyd Cramer – can it?  Hmmmmm…

So I went a little overboard with this Christmas favorite on the “slipped notes” – just to prove a point, I guess.  You can download it with the lead piano for listening, or save the midi off the Christmas list, mute the piano track, and sing it during your Christmas set.  You can listen to Mr. Cramer play his biggest hit (Last Date) on the link below, just to give you a feeling for his style.


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