The Christmas Song

thGYMI0Z20  Right-Click to Save    I put a jazz Christmas CD together about two years ago, and shared it with a few people (and one dog) last year with folks  I thought would get a kick out of it.  However, I’ve since discovered that my sequences are now all over the internet – with no credit to me.  Can you say “copyright”?  Apparently, I can’t.

No matter.  This season I’ll share my jazzy Christmas tracks with everybody and anybody.  Singers can use these arrangements in their own holiday sets and I’ll be honored if they do.  “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” (The Christmas Song) has become a classic – written by Mel Torme and recorded by the Nat King Cole Trio in 1946.  This arrangement is nothing like the original (I heard it by someone several years ago), but works as a nice jazz piece around the holidays.   My piano lead gets a little carried away, but when the beat is there ya gotta go with it.  Backup midi tracks are on the Christmas list.


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