My Girl

thT7LFN57M  Right-Click to Download    Oh, boy… The Temptations! Harmony doesn’t get any better than this.  This one was their very first number-one hit, which was an emotional blow to Eddie Kendricks, their lead singer.  David Ruffin was recruited from background vocal status to sing the lead and pretty much took the job away from Kendricks for the rest of their career.  Ruffin’s voice was more mellow with a kind of gruff edge that worked extremely well with the Temptation’s style.  Sorry, Eddie…

The six ascending guitar notes at the top are most notable because they are a perfect example of a C major pentatonic scale, played exactly from octave to octave.  I always thought the beginning bass riff prior to the guitar was the “signature” part of the song, but what do I know?  I think when you hear the bass you say, “Hey, that could be My Girl” – then, when the guitar arrives, you know you were right.

If you’re a single performer out there using backing tracks, you can pay a hefty price for a professional sequence for “My Girl”, or you can use mine for free.  I’m not quite good enough to get the violins just right (especially in the middle eight), but who’s gonna notice?  No one yet has come up to us and said, “You know those strings aren’t quite right in that middle part there”.  But they will now….


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