You Belong to Me

Pyramids-at-Sunset-Cairo-Egypt2  Right-Click to Save    At any given moment, you’ve got a song in your head. Oh, you may not be conscious of it – but it’s there – churning away the rhythm of whatever you’re doing. You may have heard it on the radio 30 minutes ago, or maybe it’s an old favorite, or perhaps you heard a repairman whistling a certain tune and you stole it from him. You can’t help yourself… you’ll suddenly be humming that melody and you can’t get it out of your head – until the next tune comes along.  The song I most often hear (when I’m paying attention) is “You Belong to Me”.  I’ll burst out with “see the pyramids along the Nile” for no reason at all…. but I’m a little strange anyway.

You Belong to Me was first recorded in 1952 by Sue Thompson (who’s that?) on a country label (groan).  Then Patti Page gave it a shot (not good).  Then, at last, Jo Stafford did a cover version and it became the hit it was meant to be.  And The Duprees had a bebop hit with it in 1962.  This is our arrangement and Karen does a mighty fine vocal of this old standard.  I used an ocarina for the melody line, but a “chick singer” works much better.  Download the midi off the Pop/Rock list.  Musicians, this should be in your set list – that’s an order.


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