Please, Mister Postman

thWLL0ID09  Download with Lead    I always thought this was a Beatles song and it was one of my favorites.  Paul and George had wonderful, clever backup vocals, and John Lennon on lead was just – well… John (the best rock’n’roll voice of all time).  But, in truth, they only covered the song – as was the case with a lot of the tracks on their first two albums.

This song was actually the debut single by The Marvelettes (warning… girl group) in 1961. “Mister Postman” was the first Motown recording to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list.  It soared to number one on the R&B charts as well.  Then the Beatles covered it in ’63 (by far the best version) but, in 1975, The Carpenters again took it to the top of the Hot 100.  Obviously, this tune has a lot of mileage on it, but we’ve decided to work it into our repertoire as an “oldie”.  My arrangement is kind of a combination of  The Beatles and The Marvelettes  (Beatlettes?).  If you’re interested in performing it, best if you have at least three singers or a harmony box.  The sequence is on the Pop/Rock list without the lead.  Feel free to download and use my version if you like… my lawyer won’t call your lawyer, I promise.


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