American Bandstand Boogie

th6UAAZI2P  Download     Imagine it’s 1965 (hard for some of you, I know).  It’s noon on a Saturday and every hip teenager (if there is such a thing) is glued to the television watching Dick Clark churn out the hits on “American Bandstand”.  Not only do you get to see current rock’n’roll stars lip sync their songs, but you get to watch 40 other hip teenagers dance on national TV with absolutely no shame.  This program was on the air in one form or another from 1952 to 1989 and, I gotta tell ya… I loved it!  However,  I stopped paying attention in 1972 when disco took over – that’s when the purity and innocence of rock music sailed right out the window.

The theme song of the show was originally a big band tune called “Bandstand Boogie”.   A more “rockified” version was introduced in 1969.  Barry Manilow put words to the music in ’75 and people heard his version for ten years after that.  That’s the arrangement you’re listening to if you clicked the play button above.  Manilow’s arrangement is a tad overdone, but it’s still fun to perform.  I worked with a singer in the ’90s who liked to do a “sixties set” and we used this song as the opener.  If you’d like to try it on your audience, you can download the sequence off the Pop/Rock list.  Give it a shot… after all, “it’s got a good beat, and you can dance to it”.



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