Body and Soul

microphone-stage    This is late night stuff here.  It’s 1 AM and you’re coming back off break for the last set.  You only bring three members of the band with you for the first song – keyboardist, drummer, and the upright bass player.  You’re going to record this one for your upcoming live album, so your sound man has set up that vintage Shure mic you so dearly love.  It sits there now at the front of the stage – all alone.

Your album is a collection of jazz standards and “Body and Soul” is the most recorded ever.  You watched the video of Amy Winehouse performing it with some guy named Tony Bennett and knew this was a song for you.  It was Amy’s last recording before she died in 2011.  And now you’ll step up to that mic and make it as sultry and sexy as she did.

If you don’t have that great trio behind you, use this sequence to get the same effect (it’s on the jazz list).  Well, not quite the same, but close.  And you don’t have to pay high-priced musicians to make you sound good.  Take the sax lead out and let your vocals take over…. your mic is waiting.


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