dreams  Ah, Fleetwood Mac…. best band ever!  And this is one of the primo songs off their Rumors album.  Stevie Nicks wrote this is the midst of personal breakups in the band, including her relationship with Lindsey Buckingham.

One odd thing though – Stevie tells a story of her writing the song during the Rumors recording sessions.  She says it was during one session when she wasn’t scheduled to sing but was hanging around the studio anyway.  Stevie got inspired, grabbed a Fender Rhodes piano, trotted down the hall with it under her arm to another studio which, surprisingly, had a bed.  She curled up in the bed with the Fender Rhodes and composed the song in 10 minutes.  Well, let me tell ya…. I hauled a Fender Rhodes around for years and it was impossible to tuck under your arm and go anywhere with it – let alone a bed.  A Rhodes is bulky, 4 feet wide, and weighs 130 pounds.  What’s up with that story, Stevie?  I love ya anyway.

Anyway, you should be doing this song.  The midi sequence (with lead on Track 4) is on the Pop/Rock list.


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