Fly Like an Eagle

bald-eagle-flying--tom-munson  Steve Miller is a blues-oriented guitarist and leader of “The Steve  Miller Band” (didn’t take long to come up with that name).  He was born in Wisconsin in 1942 and grew up in what you might call a “musical family”.  Hell, his parents hung out with Les Paul and Mary Ford.  Les Paul, mind you!  He eventually made his way – via the Chicago blues scene – to San Francisco and put out a slew of pop hits in the ’70’s – among them “The Joker”, “Space Cowboy” and “Fly Like an Eagle”.

The United States Post Office used “Fly Like an Eagle” in their advertisements for 10 years.  And it was named “best song-ever about birds” by Birds & Blooms magazine. Okay….

Anyway, it’s a great tune and this is an excellent sequence.  The guitar riff at the beginning is instantly recognizable onstage and your crowd will get on the floor.  If you’ve got the chops for this one – sing away!



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