Birthday Song (Popsicle Toes)

thEFW29HVA You’re doing a nice solo gig at Arnaud’s in the French Quarter and thoroughly enjoying yourself. The crowd is receptive and you haven’t had to say “Sorry, I don’t know that one” all night. But then the head waiter swoops by, gives you an evil grin, and says, “Birthday at table four”. He knows you despise the required song, solely because you’ve done it 10,000 times before. “Man or woman?” you ask. “It’s a lady, ” he answers, “so you got lucky this time.”
Why are you so lucky? Because now you don’t have to do “Happy Birthday” for the umpteenth time. You’ve got a little tune in your magic midi bag called “Popsicle Toes”. It was written and performed by Michael Franks (great jazz composer and singer) in the 1970’s. “Popsicle Toes” is basically about a birthday girl with a cheap boyfriend. One verse reads “I know today’s your birthday, and I did not buy no rose, I wrote this song instead and I called it – Popsicle Toes”. Clever lyrics and jazz overtones make this a must-have in your set list. Dedicate it to any birthday girl and you’ll please everybody – especially if she has great-looking toes (better check first). After all, the rest of the world hates “Happy Birthday” too.
I used a clarinet for the lead on track 4 – Hey, it’s New Orleans!


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